Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors

Q: Where do I find copies of the PC and Partner Logos for my promotional course and marketing purposes?

A: They can be accessed from the Paddle Canada & Partner Logo page which has a link from the Instructor Resources/Resources and Policies page (or access the page by clicking the link above).

Q: Why am I not on the Instructor For Hire list?

A: There could be a number of reasons why:

  • you have not renewed your membership for the year.  Only paid-up members appear on the list.
  • you have not checked off 'YES' in the Instructor for HIre box in your members account - Click on Edit My Profile , then scroll down to bottom of Instructor Information section (just below 1st Aid Info Fields)
  • or you are missing the certification for that specific discipline (contact office or your appropriate PDC to fix/find missing records)

Q: Where do I find the Paddle Canada Liability insurance summary?

A: Here is a summary of our 3rd Party, 10 million dollar liability.

Q: Are there special procedures for Scouts Canada groups with regards to the insurance / waiver agreement?

A: No, except that they are NOT required to sign the waivers.  Paddle Canada suggests continuing to use the waiver forms for the purpose of collection of participant info only. In addition, usage of the form will present a good opportunity for a discussion around the risks associated with the paddling activity. 

Q: When adding participants to a course, what do I do if no postal code or email is provided and it is a required field?

A: For postal codes enter: xxxxxx and for emails enter the default PC email: .
(Please note: participants without valid emails will not receive an automated course completion email.)

Q: How do I register, report and pay for a course?

A: There is a How to Guide for registering, reporting and paying for courses available in each discipline's program page in your members area, under the Instructor Services Menu.  Or download here:

pdfSKILLS Courses   |    pdfINSTRUCTOR Courses

Also, check out these short video tutorials.

Q. Is it possible to change a course from Intermediate to Intro after it has been registered? (or any combination like this)

A: No. You have to cancel the original course and re-register the correct one. Since the computer won't allow you to back date a course upon re-registeration, please do the following:

  • Enter dates for the new course like it's going to take place tomorrow.  Save it.
  • Go into this new Course ID created under My Courses page and use the UPDATE link to adjust dates backwards to orginal dates. Save it.
  • Go into the new Course ID again and click REPORT to add your partcipants and Submit the report as normal.

***  For instructor courses, please contact the office for help on re-registering a course and transfering instructor candidates over.

Q: How do I register and report Instructor Recert Clinics?  (FOR INSTRUCTOR TRAINERS)

A: Register the course(s) in advance, the same as any instructor course, and have instructors sign up as Instructor Candidates (even though technically they are not but it's the only way via website at the moment)  for your course ID you provide them with.  Then when you go to report the course, mark their status as Clinic Only.  Starting in early spring 2014 no fee will be charged for recertifications however website is still awaiting update on this (as of Feb 12, 2014).

Q: What is the difference in the registration process for a SKILL vs INSTRUCTOR course?

A: Skill Courses: Participants are added by Course Director (anytime - pre or post course). Instructor Courses: Participants add themselves in ADVANCE to the course.  Read More


Q:  Where do I find information on how to access the Instructor Member Pro Deal Purchase Programs and 1st Aid Training discounts?

A: Follow the Member Purchase Dicsount link when logged into your Members Area of site. 


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