Since his appointment in January 2010, Graham Ketcheson has been working diligently to improve:

  • member services,
  • simplifying communications between members and board of directors,
  • organizing the finances of Paddle Canada
  • and the myriad of other tasks associated with his role of executive director.

Graham's Full Bio



 Dawn is responsible for organizing and planning events and projects, including National Paddling week and PaddleSmart. 



Heather manages the day to day choas in Paddle Canada's office in Kingston, Ontario. 



I make fun and engaging online content for our community.



The Paddle Canada Board of Directors is comprised of thirteen (13) Regional Directors (one (1) from each Province and Territory of Canada), the immediate Past President, Blair Doyle, and the President Emeritus, Eric Williams. As per the new Paddle Canada By-Laws 2014, the term of office for each Regional Director is nominally 3 years, with one third of the Board of Directors elected in a 3 year rotating cycle as follows:

Year 1Year 2 Year 3
Prince Edward Island British Columbia Nunavut
Newfoundland & Labrador Northwest Territories Alberta
Québec Nova Scotia Manitoba
Yukon Territories Ontario New Brunswick

Each Regional Director will represent all Paddle Canada members in their Region (province or territory) on the Paddle Canada Board of Directors. They will further be accountable to all Paddle Canada members across Canada.

You can learn more about the Paddle Canada election process here.



My primary goal for my term as a Paddle Canada Director would be to work towards opening up the lines of communication and dialogue between Alberta's Paddle Canada Instructors and members of the Paddle Canada Board itself. This would enable our regional instructor voices to be better heard and shared with Paddle Canada as together we promote a nation vision for paddling in Canada.

I believe that, with my Board, Instructor, Instructor Trainer, guide, volunteer and work experiences, I can make a valuable contribution to the Paddle Canada team. I can enable Paddle Canada's smooth transition from an organization led by provincial associations to an organization led by individual members. I can assist in raising the public's awareness of Paddle Canada's deep commitment to developing leaders in the instruction of enjoyable, safe paddling; its paddling history; and environmental issues. I am firmly committed to maintaining a strong financial foundation for Paddle Canada and building on that foundation.

This is a new chapter in Paddle Canada's history. I believe that through the new regional directors, those persons who will represent the voices of their regional Paddle Canada Instructors and Members, the commitment for a national vision will be stronger than ever as the four pillars that are our foundation are supported and promoted. I am honoured to be part of this team.



As a director I will continue to advocate for Paddle Canada's Mission Statement and four pillars. These are all so important and just make sense.

With an extensive past in risk management I believe it is important to continually improve safety for all users in paddle sports. One way to accomplish this may be through collecting information on past safety situations and disseminating the information on to our members and general public through our instructors in a timely and efficient manner. Support for all our instructors will help ensure they provide instruction at the continued high quality which enables our students a greater understanding of potential risks they might face in paddle sports.

I am also very passionate about improving Paddle Canada's educational programs in order to allow them to be as complete as possible. It is important our instructors teach clinics and courses in a coordinated fashion that ensures all our students have a highly professional and consistent learning experience no matter where they live.

Ensuring good communication and creating close working relationships with our instructors and paddle sport companies is hugely important to me. These are the grassroots of our programs and need to know they will have open communication and a strong voice representing them on a national level. I firmly believe it to be very important to ensure open communication with our government leaders - municipally and provincially. This will certainly be a focus of mine to ensure people in these positions provide our membership their ears for topics important to us as well as providing us with their support where needed. 

Lastly I believe it is important to focus on creating a higher profile of our sport in the eyes of all potential paddlers in Canada and, specifically, my region British Columbia. A simple way to achieve this is focussing on some of the younger potential paddlers through youth programs, associations, schools and camps.

I look forward to hearing from and working with all our members and instructors on topics and ideas they believe will help our association move forward and build in a positive manner.



As a director I will continue to support the Paddle Canada membership and advocate for the paddling community. I will work towards expanding Paddle Canada’s safety initiatives and metrics as well as our public recognition as the National Paddling Organization.

We can always strive to increase membership engagement and partnerships that complement our organization. I am also focused on increasing awareness of our paddling heritage and concern for the environment, including fostering a love and respect for our natural resources. It is my honour to serve Paddle Canada as Manitoba’s Regional Director. 



As the PC Director representing New Brunswick, I look forward to working to promote safe paddling experiences for all Canadians.  I see the valuable contributions that my small province has made on a national level and I look to resolve disputes between provincial affiliates and our national organization.  Paddle Canada needs to increase its profile with all Canadians as a national voice for safe paddling and for the protection of our waterways and the recognition of our rich  paddling history.  I strongly believe in having a truly national paddling curriculum that enables inter-provincial sharing of instructors.

I have worked hard for the past ten years both within New Brunswick as an executive member with Canoe Kayak NB, regionally, by assisting in the organization and presenting of the Atlantic Paddling Symposium and nationally, by sitting on the Program Development Committee's for Canoeing and River Kayak.  I hold skill/instructor/trainer certifications in all three disciplines of Paddle Canada (Sea Kayak, Canoe, and River Kayak) and trust that this breadth of interest will assist me as we move forward as an organization.



I would like to accomplish a number of things, mainly helping to bring about a better understanding of safety in paddlesports. I have extensive experience in risk management and would like to see that transferred into more of the paddling curriculum. I would also like to see Paddle Canada recognized for the great work they have been doing. I would like to support the growth and need for education and how paddling can help develop transferable skills in other avenues of life.



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
As a director of Paddle Canada over the next two years I would like to:

    • expand public awareness of Paddle Canada, our programs, our national voice for paddlers, and our safety initiatives
    • expand individual membership
    • continue our national cross polination of ideas and practices between paddling disciplines, groups and geographic areas


As a Nova Scotia director of Paddle Canada, I would like to: 

    • work closely with Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia, other self-propelled outdoor recreation organizations and schools to promote safe enjoyment of paddling for young people
    • expand public awareness of Paddle Canada and its initiatives
    • bring Nova Scotia perpsectives and the voices of individual and instructor members to the Board

I see Paddle Canada as an ever-growing organization that will continue to promote a shared culture of safety, enjoyment and stewardship of nature and lifelong enjoyment of paddlesports in all of their forms with all Canadians.



As a career professional in the business of creating safe, enjoyable outdoor adventure experiences, I am delighted to give my services to Paddle Canada.  As a director representing Ontario, I will proudly work with the PC Board to raise the public profile/awareness of the value and integrity of our organization.  

I will work with our passionate instructors, partners and stakeholders to further the four pillars of PC's mission.  I will strive for clear and open communication with all regions and their representatives.  I will be open and available to our instructors and members in Ontario to support their efforts to make PC programming both professional and accessible.

The future will see PC recognized across our nation and internationally as the leader in paddling instruction and mot valued contributor to all things paddle sport.  

Paddle Canada - it all starts here!




Vision for Paddle Canada: My goals for the Saskatchewan region include fostering communication between the province and PC.  I would like to represent all recreational paddlers from across the province.  Also, I would like to continue to strengthen relationships among paddlers from across Canada and from the prairies in particular.

Bryan has recently formed Coldspring Paddling Instruction, to share his passion of paddling with others and also take his instruction to the next level.  Bryan was a member of the executive of the Saskatoon Canoe Club for approximately 8 years and is currently an Intro to Kayaking Sea Kayak Instructor.



I was raised and lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. I am a Policy Advisor in the Government of the Northwest Territories and sit as a Yellowknife City Councillor. As the youngest Director, I will work tirelessly to bring new ideas and new energy to Paddle Canada. As the only northerner, I will also bring a North of 60 perspective to the Board.













As i end my tenure as President, i can see a new era dawning for Paddle Canada. over the past four years, Paddle Canada has secured a better group insurance policy, developed and strengthened partnerships with government agencies, developed a strategic plan and supported many symposia.

At the end of the day this organization is about you -- the many creative talents plying their blades and influencing paddlers to become wiser and more skilfull. i have great confidence in the new board to keep us afloat in new waters.

Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia is a strong supporter of Paddle Canada and my involvement in both Board of Directors can help ensure consistent lines of reporting and communication to the paddling community in Nova Scotia.

Paddle Canada is focused on it's members and mission. My goal this term is to continue to foster relationships with other 'like' organizations and attain sustainable funding to ensure PC can continue its mission. Growth in recreational paddle sports in Canada is exponential and Paddle Canada is best positioned to be the national advocacy, educator and network.

Pleasure to have served. Now get out and get wet!



My vision continues, as it has been since Kirk Wipper asked me in 1995, for a safe, strong, consistent, high quality national paddling program that is recognized and supported across Canada.

As a Canoe Tripping Instructor Trainer, active Scout Leader and a Director on the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) I am committed to helping Paddle Canada acheive the mandates and goals of the National Association.


Paddle Canada Annual General Meetings

Read director, committee and Executive Director reports and meeting minutes from 2011, 2012 and 2013 meetings here

Paddle Canada By Laws

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